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Coffee Pods Earrings Azores

Coffee Pods Earrings Azores

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 Coffee pods are a ubiquitous and delicious beverage enjoyed by millions worldwide. Unfortunately, their widespread use generates a significant environmental impact.

At PrimaBerry, we have found a creative solution to this problem by using recycled coffee pods to make stunning fashion jewellery. Our eco-friendly Leverback Earrings are lightweight, incredibly stylish, and feature an added touch of delicate sophistication.

Their vibrant colours are reminiscent of the beautiful hydrangeas found all over the Azores Islands, which symbolise love, harmony, and peace.

We believe that these stunning earrings made from recycled coffee pods are the perfect addition to your jewellery collection.

Accessible Description: Women's Hook Earrings made of light coffee pod earrings, round shape with part of a coffee capsule fitted inside giving it a wave effect.


✅ Length: 2.5cm
✅ Width: 1.5cm
✅ Depth: 0.3cm
✅ Weight: 1gr each

✅ Very Light feel
✅ Vegan Friendly
✅ Lead and Nickel Free
✅ Azores Earrings – available in 3 colours
✅ Available colours: Pink, Green, Blue
✅ Material: recycled coffee pods and stainless steel

Storage tips: Keep it in a cloth pouch. This will also keep it free from dust and moisture.

Packaging: These earrings will come in a cotton bag in the UK. Plastic Free Packaging.

*Please be aware that as each item is handmade there might be some slight variation in appearance to the one shown in the image*

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