Discover PrimaBerry, the sustainable online store where travel meets fashion!

Founded by Susana and Amin, PrimaBerry draws inspiration from the tradition and culture of different countries to create designs and styles of ever-growing collections of clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Always with sustainability in mind.

Our travels inspire each item. Perfect for remembering special moments, feel closer to your favourite places, or simply add a splash of colour and uniqueness to your look.

Take the passion for travelling, your favourite memories, and a piece of the world with you – wherever you go.

Our Story Begins in England

Susana and her partner Amin met in England, the place where their shared passion for fashion, travel, and people would later flourish into the creation of their own sustainable business, PrimaBerry.

Susana, originally from Portugal, moved to the UK to pursue a master’s degree in Hospitality Management and has worked in the industry for over 10 years. She is also a trained chef who loves exploring new cuisines from around the globe. Amin, originally from Bangladesh, holds a degree in Business Management and has worked in retail for the past 5+ years. When he's not playing cricket or cycling, he enjoys travelling and photography.
They saw an opportunity to turn their passions into a business, and most importantly, to do it in a sustainable way. They wanted to create a brand that would allow them to combine their love for fashion, travelling, and people while also being mindful of their impact on the planet. They believe that sustainability should not come at a high price and PrimaBerry offers affordable accessories without compromising quality or fair treatment of anyone involved in the entire process.

The Story Behind the Name

PrimaBerry is the combination of the Portuguese word “Prima”, which means “top quality”. It is also associated with “primavera” (the Portuguese word for “Spring”), with the English word “Berry”, associated with health, youth and kindness. In just two words, PrimaBerry combines the fresh ideas that the brand brings to the market, colour and quality while hinting at the interculturality that is part of each of our products.

Symbols That Inspire Us

In addition to representing the start of Spring, the beginning of new passions and representing love, family and home, the symbology of swallows goes well beyond that. Much like PrimaBerry’s founders, these birds are not afraid to venture out of their comfort zone. They are not afraid of risking everything to explore the world, but, regardless of the countless places they visit, they always return to their nest and, even far away, they carry with them all the love and pride they feel for the place they came from. The circles in the logo represent the world, the different countries and places that Susana and Amin have visited, as well as the different cultures and people that inspire PrimaBerry’s products.

Primaberry Values

Passionate: Passion is a big part of everything we do. It’s part of our brand, part of our products, part of the way we interact with clients–day in and day out. Diverse: From the designs and colours to the materials and styles, our collections are an expression of diversity that celebrates the differences that make us and our countries unique. Caring: We have always been involved in national and international volunteering projects, and we want to continue to give back. At PrimaBerry, we donate 5% of our profits to causes and projects mainly related to education and animal welfare. Sustainable: We believe in positively impacting the world and those around us, that is why we are trying to use mostly only environmentally friendly materials and methods to produce and process our items, avoiding the use of plastic as much as possible

Our Mission

Every country and place you visit has a story, countless memories and something special that you can never describe. Our mission is to capture all that and express it through fashionable clothing and accessories that you will be proud to share with the world. We are starting with the United Kingdom and Portugal,but we won't stop there. You will soon find new items inspired by a variety of other countries from around the world.

Our Vision

We have countless plans for PrimaBerry, and we want you to be a part of this journey. Looking ahead, we want to expand the number of countries that inspire our items, continue to come up with innovative and exciting accessories and clothing, and most importantly, we want to be a pioneer of sustainable fashion. We believe that fashion should not come at the cost of the environment and the people involved in the production process. We will strive to use eco-friendly materials and fair labor practices in every step of our production, and we are committed to making sustainable fashion accessible to everyone. Join us on this journey to make a positive impact on the fashion industry!

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