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Unisex Travel The Planet Bracelet

Travelling far from home can be scary sometimes but when you have the opportunity to experience it you will feel so proud of yourself for everything that you have learnt and lived. This bracelet can be your lucky charm to take on that trip that you have been planning for a while or a gift for flight attendants.


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Accessible Description:

Stainless steel round shaped bracelet with this sentence engraved in the middle: Travel the planet with me, followed by a small aeroplane, also engraved.


Detailed Features:


Materials:  Nickel-free, 316 L Stainless Steel, 18K Gold plated, zircon stone


Size: width:5.6mm, perimeter:156mm. Easy to adjust.


All bracelets will come in a small drawstring bag made of 100% cotton in the UK.


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