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Men's Portuguese Word Bracelet

This collection is inspired by the most famous Portuguese Words:

Amor is the Portuguese word for love, Liberdade is the Portuguese word for freedom and Saudade is an untranslatable Portuguese term that refers to a melancholic longing or yearning. It evokes a sense of loneliness and incompleteness.

A gift idea that celebrates diversity and heritage.


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Accessible Description:

Stainless steel round shaped bracelet with one of these words engraved in the middle: Amor, Saudade or Liberdade.


Detailed Features:


Materials:  Nickel-free, 316 L Stainless Steel, 18K Gold plated, zircon stone


Size: width:5mm, perimeter:160mm. Easy to adjust


All bracelets will come in a small drawstring bag made of 100% cotton in the UK.

Additional information


Silver, Black


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