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Bamboo: Probably The Most Eco-Friendly Textile On Earth

Bamboo Socks

Originally made from the pulp of bamboo grass, bamboo fabric has caught our attention. So, we made socks out of it.

Historically used only for structural elements, the bamboo textile is any cloth, yarn, or clothing made from bamboo fibres. At PrimaBerry we decided to enjoy all its benefits to make socks. But not any socks. You will find out they’re so comfortable, fun, and meaningful.

In reality, fabrics have been made from bamboo for thousands of years, but it is only nowadays that the process of making this hardy and fast-growing wood into fabric has been perfected. So, it allowed the use of bamboo in many areas.

Bamboo grows in tropical and temperate environments and is very hardy, not needing pesticides or herbicides to grow healthy and quickly.

The benefits of bamboo

Designers have surrendered themselves to the use of bamboo in their collections because it is a strong and durable fabric. Additionally, bamboo fabric is breathable, has thermal regulation, prevents moisture better than other fabrics, will resist scent, and is absorbent.

Consider the benefits of bamboo that made us want this fabric in our product portfolio.


Bamboo fibre is a cellulose-based material, and for that reason, it is biodegradable in soil by microorganisms and sunlight. That means that when it is not ok to use anymore, bamboo clothing can be composted and disposed of in an organic and environmentally friendly manner.

Grows fast

Bamboo can reach up to 35 meters tall. That fact makes it the largest member of the grass family and the fastest growing woody plant in the world. There are about 40 million hectares of the Earth covered with bamboo, mostly in Asia.

For that, this is a useful resource to use in the fashion industry, which is constantly changing, innovating, and creating new trends.

A panda eating bamboo
Pandas Love Bamboo


Bamboo has a tensile strength that is greater than steel. Quite surprising, right? It is that tensile strength that determines how likely a material is to break, and with bamboo that is, indeed, very difficult.

Products made from bamboo are assured to last a lifetime. And for that, bamboo can also be applied to construction applications.


There is almost no end to the number of things that bamboo can be used for. Starting with the obvious purpose – home decoration, bamboo is a possibility in fashion, construction, industry, and food.

The potential of this eco-friendly material is truly limitless.


Bamboo fabric is like the softness of silk. Since the fibres don’t have chemical treatment, they are naturally smoother, without sharp corners that might irritate the skin. So it is a healthy and secure option for those who have sensitive skin or skin problems.


Bamboo fabric is also hypoallergenic, so people who experience allergic reactions to other natural fibres such as wool or hemp can use bamboo without any issues.

Antibacterial and anti-fungal

Bamboo is also antibacterial and anti-fungal because the material possesses an anti-bacteria and bacteriostatic bio-agent called “Bamboo Kun”, which allows it to naturally flourish and grow in the wild without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.

In fabrics, this feature also reflects on the sensation of wearing bamboo: people feel fresher and odour-free for longer, making the garment healthier and more hygienic.

Nowadays, since we are living in the middle of a pandemic these characteristics are extremely important: all that can help to keep us safe is so welcome.


Unlike many of the other fabrics we have in our closet, bamboo is extremely breathable. The plant keeps itself cool in the heat and, as a fabric, this is also can be verified in its fabric form.

The constitution of bamboo fibre is covered with micro-gaps that gives fabric better moisture absorption and ventilation. As a result, a piece of clothing from bamboo keeps you fresh on hot days and warmer in the cold.

Bamboo socks by PrimaBerry

COVID-19 changed everything: our relations, our priorities in life, and work, how we buy things, and what we want to privilege. The fear and uncertainty provoked by the disease made us think of cheerful and happy things to make our clients smile – it has never been more important than nowadays to do so.

And we didn’t want to do that at any cost. We took into consideration that we should make a product with a high-quality level, that provides comfort and safeness for everyone to use it. And bamboo is a really good choice for our entertaining socks. Also, bamboo gives everyone a sense of a luxurious experience.

We are so happy to show you the socks that everyone would like to receive. Check them out here