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Cork: an ecologic and vegan friendly for so many options

Portuguese cork

Cork is a very environment-friendly resource that can be used in so many products. At PrimaBerry we are huge fans. Find out why. 

Cork is one of the most characteristic natural products of Portugal and is a very present part of everyday life, even if you don’t know it. Considering its benefits and characteristics, at PrimaBerry, we chose it as one of the mains raw materials for our products. It is a way to provide our clients with items with a high level of quality. 

Although it is most known for stoppers for wine bottles, cork is used for fashion accessories, clothing and shoes, furniture, and even on floor or wall coatings. That happens because of the evolution of the industrial process that allows the use of cork in many different areas. 

Cork is resistant, versatile, recyclable, hypoallergenic, and has thermal and acoustic qualities. Do you need more reasons to start appreciating it? So, take a look.  


What’s good about cork?

Choosing cork is a fashion statement! A way to show that you care about the planet, but also to create incredible products. After all, cork is entirely natural, renewable, biodegradable, and entirely eco-friendly. Here are its main positive features. 



Because more than 50% of the cell volume of a cork piece is made of air, cork is one of the lightest solid materials in the world.



Although light, cork is a strong material: it does not break down or destroy when compressed. That is what allows the use of cork for many applications.


Resistance to moisture and liquid penetration

Cork is not completely impervious to moisture penetration, but its cellular structure gives it a high level of resistance to water penetration. 


Frictional quality

Whether in its natural form or as in cork composition, this material is highly frictional, even when it is wet or coated with oil or grease. A huge benefit compared to other materials like leather or rubber. 


Good for your health

In research carried out by the University of Porto, investigators found that cork has antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties.



This characteristic helps cork in preventing electrical risks, especially in factories.



It looks like a though and robust material, but, in reality, cork is very soft and comfortable.  


Portuguese cork travelling the word

Cork oak forests protect against erosion and resulting desertification, as they so perfectly adapt to warm climate and arid soil. They are also crucial against fire because of the inefficient combustion of cork. They also provide an essential contribution to the air: they absorb carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere.

These forests are called the Montados – a relevant environmental, social, and economic pillar in Mediterranean countries. Portugal is an excellent example of a cork source. It is one of the biggest producers in the world. 

The cork oak plays such a significant role that it has been protected by law since the 13th century and was declared Portugal’s National Tree in 2011.


PrimaBerry loves cork

Considering the positive features of the product and the quality of Portuguese cork, at PrimaBerry, we choose it as one of our primary raw materials. Not only to provide our clients with quality but also to allow them to have daily products with environmental care, free of animal products.

So, our items are light and naturally soft, hypoallergenic, impermeable, and easy to clean with just soap and water. And yes, in addition to being beautiful, cork is also extremely durable! 


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